Planning for your future is easy with Your Will.

First choose between single or couple and then follow our step by step questionnaire. You will be asked to choose between creating a will, powers of attorney, or Your Future Package which includes both your will and enduring powers of attorney (financial and medical).
Not sure what you need? See Why do you need a will and Why do you need powers of attorney.

While the process of making your will and powers of attorney is a simple one, there are several things you might want to think about before you get started. See How to Prepare.



Single Will - $300

Single Powers of Attorney - $200

Single Your Future Package $400

Couple’s Will - $400

Couple’s Powers of Attorney - $300

Couple’s Your Future Package - $550


* Enduring Powers of Attorney documents include both medical and financial and are for Victorian residents only

* This service is intended for simple wills. If you have complex financial arrangements, or control assets in trusts or companies, or have complicated personal circumstances such as children from a prior relationship, this service is not suitable for you. In those situations you should contact us and we will assist you with an alternative bespoke arrangement.

*There are specific witnessing requirements for Powers of Attorney that will be explained to you in detail once you receive your final documents