Making your will and powers of attorney is important, and it should be taken seriously. There can be many issues with Online Wills and Will Kits, all it takes is one part to be filled out incorrectly, or ambiguous in its terms, and a part or all of your will could be ineffective.

Your Will by Harwood Andrews offers you a service that is easy to use without any compromises to the quality of your legal document. You will also be given the option to store your documents in our secure storage facility for safe keeping.

Your Will is:

  • Prepared by one of Australia’s leading legal firms
  • Prepared and reviewed by a real lawyer and tailored to your needs - it is NOT automatically generated
  • Explained to you over the phone by a lawyer at a time that suits you
  • Designed to be user-friendly and easy to follow, with a step-by-step online questionnaire
  • Compliant and certified by Law Institute of Victoria Certified Practicing Lawyers